Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Papaya Mint Vodka Martini

Discovered this drink while making some vodka mint martinis.  I had some left over papaya  and decided to give it a try.  Turned out to be great and added a nice tropical twist to an already great martini.

2 oz vodka
dash of vermouth
1 1/2 tbl sugar
juice of 1 lime or 1 small lemon
about 6 or 7 big leafs of fresh mint
1/4 cup fresh papaya

Muddle ice, sugar, citrus juice, papaya and mint.  Add vodka and vermouth.  Shake vigorously to combine ingredients and strain into your martini glass. The papaya adds a very nice pink/orange tint to the drink and it tastes even better than it looks.

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