Monday, February 28, 2011

Bacon Grease Candle Recipe

What you will need:
Container for keeping bacon grease
Bacon grease
Candy wax
Organic cotton rope
A small container for the candle

When you cook bacon have your grease container ready, pour the bacon grease in the container and put in your freezer until you have enough bacon grease to make candles.  About 1 medium mason jar makes about six.  Make sure you keep it in the freezer, it will stay good pretty much forever.

When you have enough put the mason jar in a small pot full of cold water.  Slowly increase the heat so the grease melts.

In a double boiler melt some candy wax and dip the cotton rope into the wax to make your wick.  Hang the wick until the wax dries and cut it into lengths that will stick out of the candle.

Pour most of the wax out of the double boiler, but save a little bit.  You only want a very small amount, just to harden the bacon grease.  Paraffin wax is edible, but only in small amounts, so do not add to much.  Add the bacon grease and whisk the wax and grease together until incorporated.

Add mixture to the candle containers and let cool for about 10 minutes.  Stick the wicks in the middle and quickly, and carefully, place in the refrigerator.  Let cool over night.

When you are finished you can light this candle, it will make your whole house smell like bacon, and you can put a few drops on salads, eggs, or whatever you'd wish.  This makes for a pretty funny, and great gift.

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