Saturday, April 30, 2011

Italian Turkey Panini

This is perfect because of the combination of roasted tomato aioli, roasted turkey breast, asiago, grilled red onions, and arugula sandwiched between two slices of a home made or your favorite bread.


2 pieces of artisan bread
roasted turkey, sliced from deli or left overs
grated asiago
1 1/4 inch slice red oion

On a skillet quickly put a few drops of olive oil and then brill the red onion until it gets a little wilted and a some golden brown spots

Butter the back of each peice of bread and then turn over.  Spread the aioli on each piece, layer the turkey, red onion, asiago, and arugula.

To grill the sandwich you could use a gas grill, a panini press, a Forman grill, or just do it on a skillet or saute pan. You want to toast each side so that each is golden brown and the cheese in the middle has melted.  

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