Monday, April 25, 2011

Poblano-Herb Crema

This is a little bit spicy, but the roasted poblano pepper gives this sauce a nice smokey taste.  Great on tacos or in burritos. You could even use it as a spread for a sandwich.


3 tbl mexican crema
3 tbl chimichurri 
1 poblano pepper
Salt and Pepper

You can roast the pepper many different ways.  I chose to deseed it and cut it into strips and put it in a cast iron skillet on medium heat for about 10 minutes skin side down.  You could also drizzle olive oil and salt over it and put it under a broiler while still whole.  You can also do it on the grill, anyway works.

Once the skin is charred place the pepper in a bowl and then cover it with plastic wrap. This will allow the skin to easily pull away from the meat of the pepper.

Mix the chimichurri and the mexican crema together.

Chop the pepper and add it to the mixture.  Let sit in the fridge for an hour before serving.

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