Monday, April 25, 2011

Steak and Egg Sandwich

Everyone loves steak and eggs, so why not make it into a sandwich.  This uses my soft boiled egg recipe to top perfectly rare tri-tip.  Spread some of the roasted tomato pesto aioli over the crusty artisan bread and throw in some thin sliced red onions and spicy arugula and you have yourself a perfect lunch.

Ingredients for 2

4 pieces of your favorite bread
roasted tomato pesto aioli
6-8 thin slices of tri-tip
thin sliced red onion
soft boiled egg salad

Spread the aioli over all of the pieces of bread.  Put the sliced onions on and place in the oven until the bread is toasty, this removes a little of the kick of the red onions as well.  Add the tri-tip, soft boiled egg salad, and arugula.

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